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Autumn 2022 Wellness Travel Forecast

By Isabelle Ram


Your ruling planet Mars entered Gemini on August 20th.

No doubt, the summer months were a flurry of activity for you, especially regarding your career, personal goals, and communications. There has been a period of meeting certain deadlines, getting organized and ready to start or birth something new. In September, whatever you have been working on is ready for take-off. Mercury will be retrograde from September 9th to October 2nd, so make sure you put your work out before or after these dates. On October 9th, we have a beautiful Full Moon in Aries. This will be the perfect time for you to take a relaxing trip or adventurous getaway. I recommend the Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa in BC. They have many wonderful hiking trails, nutritionist-designed healthy meals, and a state-of-the-art spa. It’s the kind of place that keeps your mind, body, and spirit recharged and invigorated! You’ve done so much over the summer months. You may have neglected your own self care in some way. The autumn months are a perfect time for you to go inward and give back to yourself.

Recommended Pairing: Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa


Your ruling planet Venus entered Cancer on July 17th.

This summer you may have spent more time near home or been busy giving all your love and attention to the people closest to you. On September 5th, Venus entered Virgo, reminding you to get back to the basics. Anything that feels out of balance will be brought to the surface, so you can dedicate the time to nurture yourself in healthy ways. Over the summer months, you may have over-indulged in bad habits or guilty pleasures. Venus in Virgo asks you to pay attention to your body and physical health. Make sure you are sleeping enough and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. For you, I recommend a solo road-trip to the serene and peaceful Haida House in Haida Gwaii. Take a walk along the inspiring Tlell River or participate in some eco-adventure. They offer a beautiful bed and breakfast with private cabins. Perhaps, getting away from it all and having some time to reflect in nature will allow you to connect with yourself in a deeper, sacred and more present way, without the demands or distractions of others.

Recommended Pairing: Haida House at Tllaal


Your ruling planet Mercury entered Libra on August 25th.

Prior to this you may have decided to go with the flow and delay certain personal goals or career achievements. Mercury in Libra asks you to pay attention to the balance and finer details of things. You are not the type to neglect your own needs for too long. September brings a time of really putting yourself first or finishing up certain goals and projects that you may have put off during the summer months. Remember, Mercury is retrograde from September 9th to October 2nd, so expect some delays, frictions, and obstacles during this time. It will be easier for you to achieve your career or personal goals before or after these dates. I feel you have traveled and done many outdoor activities this summer, so I recommend something minimal for you such as a day-trip or a night away. Harrison Hot Springs is the perfect getaway. Stroll through the village, check out the unique shops, indulge in a visit to the hotel or simply relax in the hot springs. You have lots of work to get back to, but this trip offers just the right amount of inspiration, fun and relaxation.

Recommended Pairing: Tourism Harrison


Your ruling planet the Moon has been taking you on a bit of a roller coaster ride during the past two months. The full moon in Aquarius on August 11th inspired you to reach newer heights and to dream your wildest dreams. This showed you what is possible if you simply step outside of your comfort zone and strive beyond any preconceived fears or limitations.

On August 27th the new moon in Virgo, brought you back down to earth to deal with the nitty-gritty details of life. Now that you’ve seen where you want to go or what you want to achieve, Virgo has laid out a fertile path where things will only grow from your sheer effort, willpower and discipline. But, here’s where things get really incredible for you, Cancer. The asteroid Pallas moves into your sign on September 6th, known in as the asteroid of wisdom and knowledge. It governs areas such as intuition, the arts, your unique gifts and talents, artisan or entrepreneurial endeavors. This leads to victory over your crafts and personal ambitions. Pallas will go Retrograde on November 30th, so make sure to put things in motion before then for optimal results.

September 10th brings a full moon in Pisces, finally closing off a specific chapter or era of your life. This summer has been full of intensity and what better place to go visit than Tofino, where you can watch the waves crash symbolizing the past and gaze into the edge of the horizon where the future awaits.

Recommended Pairing: Wickaninnish Inn


Your ruling planet the Sun entered Leo on July 22nd. Happy belated birthday, Leo!

Venus also moved into Leo on August 11th, bringing your focus to your home and love life. Leo loves to have fun, explore and indulge in luxuries. The summer months have been a harmonious time of traveling, spending time with or visiting loved ones and making everlasting memories. On August 22nd the sun entered Virgo, taking the spotlight away from you or fun out of things and reminding you to get back to the basics. It’s that time of year when you might be getting prepared for the kids to go back to school or signing up for fall courses and programs. Virgo offers a great balance of getting things done in a practical and gentle way, so there is no need to hurry, rush or push yourself too hard. It’s important to pay attention to details, make sure all your ducks are in a row and get organized. Over the fall months, you are advised to take good care of your physical body. Check out the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria, which puts an emphasis on wellness, nutrition, mindset, sleep, and movement, all the right things to keep you grounded and full of good energy all winter long!

Recommended Pairing: The Oak Bay Beach Hotel


Your ruling planet Mercury entered your sign on August 4th. This created an air of busyness, excitement, fast decisions, opportunities and movement. The sun in Virgo highlighted a new cycle and another return around the sun, happy birthday Virgo!

On August 25th, Mercury moved into Libra, bringing you a time of much needed balance, equilibrium, and potential stillness. This allowed you some time to get on proper footing, to refuel yourself and nurture any of your own neglected needs. You have been going hard and burning the candle at both ends so to speak, it’s no surprise the stars are giving you some time to slow down.

On September 5th, Venus moved into Virgo, bringing your focus back to the people closest to your heart. You will also be paying closer attention to your home, renovations, projects or anything that needs reconstruction in your life during this time. Greater peace, joy, harmony and love will be at the forefront of all your deeds and service, just remember you deserve the same love and attention you give to everyone else. For you, I recommend a trip to the Southern Gulf Islands this fall. You will benefit from some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Salt Spring Island offers exactly the down-to-earth kind of peace and relaxation your heart and soul needs.

Recommended Pairing: Southern Gulf Islands Tourism


Your ruling planet Venus entered Virgo on September 5th, asking you to slow down, pamper and reflect. Virgo is a beautiful earth sign that allows you to go slow and steady, rather than blazing off to the races. The sun moves into Libra on September 22nd, bringing emphasis on your birthday. Happy birthday, Libra!

This summer you were diligently and maybe even quietly working away on something. This goal or project is still in the developing phase, give it some time and avoid rushing to completion. Venus enters your home sign on September 29th, giving you that extra boost of confidence and charisma. All this earthy and grounded energy is perfect for creating something new in your world. Mercury is retrograde from September 9th to October 2nd, so try to avoid making any major decisions between these dates. On October 10th Mercury will enter Libra, bringing you that fast-paced movement to birth new ideas, dreams and possibilities. It will be go time soon in regards to specific goals or projects, but before or after you may want to consider a mini-getaway. Check out the Sandpiper Resort for an outdoor adventure with a luxurious experience. The best of both worlds!

Recommended Pairing: Sandpiper Resort


Your ruling planet Mars entered Gemini on August 22nd where it will stay for approximately 7 months.

Gemini is known for its adaptability, high-energy and lots of communication. This combination pushes Mars even further and can make it feel like it’s on steroids! This is a time of high-intensity, lots of drama or miscommunications and needing to be extra cautious with your words. As a Scorpio, it may be wiser for you to simply watch, observe and listen for the next few months, because things will come to the surface without you having to point them out or say I told you so.

September 10th’s full moon in Pisces, may have brought a bit of a dreary energy if you are already in a dark place. You may feel like retreating, hibernating or just licking your wounds away from people. On October 8th Pluto goes direct, releasing a backlog of past energy, memories, data or processed information. There is a bit of mental and emotional letting go that will be required from you, Scorpio. It may be useful to write up a list that you can burn in an open campfire. You are the sign of ritual, ceremony, medicine and death. You will rise like the phoenix! This fall plan a beautiful getaway at Tigh Na Mara Resort in Parksville on Vancouver Island.

Recommended Pairing: Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre


Your ruling planet Jupiter went retrograde on July 28th and will be till November 23rd.

Jupiter is known as the planet of luck, favour, fortune, and expansion. When it is retrograde you may feel like things are harder or that you come up against challenges more often. There is the energy of having your wings clipped in some way or not being able to reach for the things you are trying to achieve. On September 21st, Jupiter did a semi-square with Saturn. Saturn is the complete opposite of Jupiter. It brings restrictions, rules, time crunches and hard lessons. Don’t give up, Sagittarius. These planets are simply teaching you to have patience, which can often be hard for you! Just because things aren’t happening the way you want right now, doesn’t mean they won’t in time. Remember to keep your faith, which you usually have abundant amounts of to share with everyone else. While life may seem a bit hard or boring or slow right now, you can always find ways to bring in the fun and spontaneity your sign craves.Check out Nimmo Bay Resort this fall, a luxurious experience in the wilderness with wildlife and so much more!

Recommended Pairing: Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort


Your ruling planet Saturn went retrograde on June 4th to October 22nd.

Saturn is known as the planet of time, restrictions, rules, regulations, and karmic lessons. This period highlights major opportunities or setbacks for you. The best you can do during this time is to work with what is in your power and control. Saturn won’t let you take any shortcuts and often is very black or white. There won’t be room for too much imagination here. Saturn simply wants you to get things done in the way it feels is best, whether you agree or not. It’s always good to simply surrender to this, as resistance is futile and will only prolong any challenges or suffering. The carpet may feel pulled out from under your feet, upheaval and time crunches will be a theme.

Pay attention to Mercury in retrograde from September 9th to October 2nd. You may experience extra delays, setbacks or have things you were unprepared for come up to smack you wide awake. Don’t just have a plan B, but a plan C and D too, because being ready and adaptable for any outcome will either make or break you during this time. All this serious and heavy responsibility definitely deserves a relaxing getaway when it’s all over! Check out the Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, where you will be welcomed into a serene otherworld where you can escape and forget about it all.

Recommended Pairing: Echo Valley Ranch & Spa


Your ruling planet Uranus went retrograde on August 24th to January 22nd (2023).

Uranus represents areas such as innovation, technology, unexpected change, and rebellion. This combination with Mercury in retrograde from September 9th to October 2nd has a double-whammy kind of feeling. During this time you should expect challenges, bumps and hiccups in regards to your plans, ideas, goals and projects. You may need to be extra thorough in investigating course of actions, timelines and the flow of any curriculum or agenda. Over the summer, you had a beautiful full moon in Aquarius on August 11th, taking you to newer highs and revealing new ambitions.

According to the stars, things will move in incredible ways for you starting in the New Year during Aquarius season. Hang in there for now, do what you can with as much force and power as you have. Once this year is over, the start of beautiful new things will occur, where you will grow and evolve in leaps and bounds! For you, I recommend a trip to Long Beach Lodge in Tofino. Perhaps, relaxing while walking the beaches, or reflecting on the magnitude and strength of the pounding surf washing upon the shores will remind you of just how much you too can overcome.

Recommended Pairing: Long Beach Lodge Resort


Your ruling planet Neptune went retrograde on June 28th to December 3rd. Neptune is known as the planet of dreams, illusions, creativity, spirituality, and escapism. During this time you may experience creative challenges such as Writer’s Block or find that the spark or joy for your goals and projects is not there. This may make it even harder for you to go with the flow and trust in harmonious outcomes, as you struggle to trust the unknown right now. Pisces, you have to remember just how good you are at navigating through the dark, moment to moment. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and you always find a way. Have faith and trust in yourself.

On September 10th, there was a full moon in your sign. Use this moon to reflect back on the past year. Look at the shores you have crossed, the waves you have overcome and the strides you have made. At the end of this year, you will be able to pat yourself on the back and say I did it and feel proud of yourself, even if it doesn’t seem possible right now. For you, I recommend a trip to Penticton, where you can reward yourself and celebrate your wins by visiting exploring nature and wineries.

Recommended Pairing: Visit Penticton

About Isabelle Ram

Isabelle is a Certified Psychic with 15 years of experience. Should your getaway be a trip to the popular wellness destination of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Isabelle offers in-person readings at The Oracle in Sechelt on Monday and Tuesdays 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Please call (604) 885-2200 to book your appointment directly, walk-ins are always welcome!

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