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Winter Wellness Getaways for 2023

By Isabelle Ram


The ruling body part for your sign is the head. This winter pay attention to any mental stress, tension and overwhelming thoughts that result in headaches. Over the winter, you should take it easy, minimize on social interactions or unhealthy distractions that cause you to feel over-stimulated and bombarded by outward energies. Don’t set too many expectations, deadlines or resolutions for yourself. As you head into the New Year, it will be wiser for you to go slow and steady, especially between January and March till we start Aries season. Wear the colours red, orange and yellow to give you a boost of creativity, warmth and inspiration during the winter months.

Your recommended wellness getaway is to Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, located in the Cariboo Region. From forest bathing to connecting with the canyon, yoga, Thai massage and equine therapy, a visit to The Echo Valley Ranch and Spa is sure to get you on proper footing – feeling solid, grounded and centered with renewed focus and commitment for 2023.

Recommended Pairing: Echo Valley Ranch & Spa


The ruling body parts for your sign include the throat, tonsils, and vocal chords. This winter it is especially important for you to protect yourself from seasonal colds, flu’s and viruses. Make sure you are staying well hydrated and drinking lots of comforting, warm herbal teas and taking your daily vitamins and supplements. Over the winter, you will crave staying in and going into hermit mode or hibernation. While it may be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, try to recognize when you feel yourself slipping into stagnation or playing it too safe within your comfort zone. As you head into the New Year, you are advised to open yourself up to new things, have new experiences and tell new stories. Wear the colour green for healing, abundance, good health and growth.

Your recommended winter wellness getaway is at The Cove Lakeside Resort located right on the Okanagan Lake in Kelowna. Enjoy the private movie theatre, where you can relax with loved ones or check out their Dining in the Domes for an unforgettable sensory experience that you’ll be talking about for ages!

Recommended Pairing: The Cove Lakeside Resort


The ruling body parts for your sign includes the lungs, arms, hands and fingers. This winter take deep, present and conscious breaths. Pay attention to the shoulders and arms where we often carry emotional burdens and the daily demands or stresses of our life. If your hands and fingers are cracked from the dry weather, be sure to moisturize daily. Wear the colour yellow for brightness and positivity, black for shielding and protection, and white for purity and clarity. Heading into the New Year, it will be important for you to set your priorities straight by minimizing juggling too many roles and truly committing to doing one thing that makes you feel healthy, whole and inspired.

As your mood is ever-changing just like the waves in Tofino, your winter wellness getaway is to Long Beach Lodge Resort. From their beachfront rooms, ocean-view dining, surf club amenities, fireplaces and double soaker tubs, you are guaranteed to be filled with peaceful and calming thoughts as you head into 2023.

Recommended Pairing: Long Beach Lodge


The ruling body parts for your sign include the chest, breasts and womb which are known for reproduction and parenting. This winter season pay attention to your heart chakra, which governs love and all relationships from business to romantic. As you head into the New Year, you may find yourself re-evaluating the life force of these connections. Ask yourself which are draining you and which are fueling you. Creative and physical outlets are recommended such as singing, painting, dancing and exercising. Wear shades of blue for emotional healing and silver to maintain a high vibration. You may have been feeling run down over the fall and winter. The start of 2023 suggests it would be beneficial, if not necessary for you to take some time away for yourself.

At Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre, you can indulge in their Grotto Spa and nail and hair salon to give you that extra TLC that you so often give to others. In 2023, make sure to gift yourself small, pampering acts of loving kindness to keep you going all throughout the year!

Recommended Pairing: Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre


The ruling body part for your sign is the heart. Leo’s are also associated with their hair or mane. This winter take good care of your physical health. Plenty of vigorous exercise is important for you. Get your heart rate going and blood pumping because you need a high intensity workout. This will help to release toxins and give you a boost of endorphins; those feel good hormones will help you get through the winter. Also pay attention to the health of your hair, as you may need to change the hair products you are using. As you head into the New Year, you should give yourself a physical make-over or change something small about your appearance. Wear red for luck, orange for creativity and yellow for personal power.

Your winter wellness getaway is to Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre located in Sun Peaks. They have a year round heated pool overlooking beautiful views, plus their dog sled tours, fat biking and back country tours are sure to give you the physical outlets you need. Your visit will give you healthy doses of challenge, risk and reward, setting the tone for a bold, courageous and fearless 2023!

Recommended Pairing: Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre


The ruling body part for your sign is the abdomen and digestive system. This winter watch what you’re eating and make healthy choices in regards to your diet. This may include needing a gluten, dairy or meat-free diet. You know what’s best for you, so stay committed to your health goals, regardless of all the tempting foods surrounding you this holiday season. Wear brown for grounding, strength and ease, and green for abundance and healing.

Your winter wellness getaway is to the eco-friendly Penticton Lakeside Resort. This inspiring resort offers a full size gym with a juice bar, where you can enjoy a vigorous workout with a refreshing and cooling drink. With a year round hot tub and pool, plus a seasonal ice rink, this winter getaway is the perfect opportunity to take the time for what truly matters – your health and wellness. A trip to the Penticton Lakeside Resort is sure to get you inspired and committed to your New Year’s resolutions! In fact, it may just provide you with the head start, clarity and momentum that are needed.

Recommended Pairing: Penticton Lakeside Resort and Conference Centre


The ruling body part for your sign includes the kidneys, lower back and the skin. This winter pay close attention to your kidneys, adrenal system and the overall health of your skin. This is a good time to make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise, fresh air and eating well. You are advised to find some balance in regards to your mind, body and spirit, and how you spend your 24 hours of the day. Carve out a proper amount of time for each. Heading into 2023, your sign is likely to pick up a new health regime from the physical to spiritual. In 2023, you need clarity and balance in order to operate at your best. Wear pastel shades of blue, pink and lavender to give you gentleness, lightheartedness and joy.

Your winter wellness getaway is to Poets Cove Resort & Spa located on Pender Island. Their Eucalyptus Steam Cave is exactly what you need! Your 2023 will bring plenty of opportunities to physically and spiritually detox from anything that is keeping you out of balance.

Recommended Pairing: Poets Cove Resort & Spa


The ruling body part for your sign includes the reproductive and elimination systems. This winter stay hydrated; take your tinctures and any herbal or supplemental things that help you through this season. This is also a good time for a colon cleanse, detox or new health regiment. Heading into 2023, there is a new you on the horizon. For those of you just getting started on your health or spiritual journey, stay committed by emphasizing on daily goals, rituals and practices. For those who are ending a major cycle of physical changes or soul work, take some time to release and rest. Wear black for protection, closure, magic and mystery.

Your winter wellness getaway is to The Oak Bay Beach Hotel located in Victoria. They are known for their three day retreats, guiding their guests through movement, mindset, nutrition and sleep. With heated seaside mineral pools to yoga services, a getaway to The Oak Bay Beach Hotel will leave you inspired and committed to your mind, body and spiritual health.

Recommended Pairing: The Oak Bay Beach Hotel


The ruling body parts for your sign include the back, spine and hips. This winter pay attention to any back pain or inflammation, as well as knots in the shoulders. A visit to the Chiropractor or treating yourself to a massage is recommended. Over the winter you may find your muscles and joints feel more stiff than usual. Daily gentle exercise such as walking, stretching and Yoga will be beneficial. Wear the colour purple for awareness, spiritual connection and openness.

Since you are known as the ‘life of the party’ this winter we have a magical getaway for you at The Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa located in the Comox Valley. With a specially crafted brunch, dinner and cocktail menu, you will be eating and drinking like royalty. Their Aqua Bistro and Wine Bar offers a range of west coast cuisine. Indulge in the pampering and luxurious services of their Pacific Mist Spa, where you can find relaxation for the mind, body and soul. The Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa will provide you with good vibes, celebration, indulgence and excitement, all characteristics that a true Sagittarius embodies all year round!

Recommended Pairing: Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa


The ruling body parts for your sign includes the bones, teeth, knees and joints. Capricorn’s are known as the hardest working sign of the zodiac. This winter, you are advised to take some time to tune into your physical body. Perhaps, you have been over-giving to others and neglecting your own care? Heading into 2023, you need to take better care of yourself and get into shape physically and spiritually. This is a year to try out new things, especially things that you may have been closed towards before.

Your recommended getaway is to book a retreat at The Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa opening late April, located in Ainsworth. Their 7 day program focuses on fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep, detox and weight loss. Their caring staff will guide you through exercise, yoga, hiking, hydrotherapy and so much more. Sometimes we just need a work-out buddy, or someone to give us that kick in the right direction! At Mountain Trek Fitness, you will be able to take some time out for what really matters–your health, wellness and longevity.

Recommended Pairing: Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa


The ruling body parts for your sign includes the feet and ankles. This winter pay close attention to cracked and dry heels, and make sure you have weather appropriate footwear. Over the winter, you may find yourself questioning your path and life’s journey. Don’t be too hard on yourself about past choices or what you perceive as mistakes. Remember, it’s not about the destination but more so the journey. You can change your course at anytime, but first get clear on your vision. In 2023, you will have plenty of opportunities to take different paths and avenues. Wear shades of blue such as turquoise for spiritual protection, navy for diligence and sky blue for peace of mind.

Your winter wellness getaway is at Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Their mineral pools have so many health benefits. Indulge in therapeutic spa treatments including massages and facials. This winter Harrison has an extra touch of magic, something you could use more of in the coming New Year!

Recommended Pairing: Harrison Hot Springs Resort


The ruling body parts for your sign include the hands and feet. This winter pay close attention to dry skin, brittle nails and cracked heels. Warm oil massage is recommended such as olive, coconut and almond. Taking vitamin E supplements will also be beneficial, helping to give your skin a beautiful glow during the winter months. In 2023, you may feel more inspired to connect to your sense of beauty through clothing, cosmetics or wellness products. Wear the colour pink to embody divine feminine energy, joy, bliss and positivity, and lighter shades of blue for peace, healing and clarity.

Your winter wellness getaway is at the Wickaninnish Inn located in Tofino. At The Pointe Restaurant you will be blown away by west coast cuisine, a celebration of local ingredients with hearty fall and winter meals. The Ancient Cedars Spa offers a variety of services to help you unwind, relax and let go. The dramatic changing tides and gorgeous sunsets will remind you of the most precious things in life, and to simply have gratitude for each moment. Just the energy you need to be taking into 2023!

Recommended Pairing: Wickaninnish Inn

About Isabelle Ram

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