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Stress Reduction: A Three-Level Guide

By Cheryl MacKinnon

We’ve been following for a few years now as it’s such an inspiring online magazine.

In fact, we’ve often shared their posts via our socials, and we’ve since built a lovely rapport between our two companies, across the miles that separate our two countries and companies – a distance that makes this writer smile as really, we are not that far apart at all!

Unfortunately, you can’t pick up a magazine, do a search online, or watch the news without hearing how much chronic stress is affecting the world’s people. With my deep respect for Ageist’s Founder David Stewart (shown at right) and his mission to change the way we think about aging, we are delighted to share the Stress Reduction guide he and his team have created.

Download Stress Reduction: A Three-Level Guide (mobile) or Stress Reduction: A Three-Level Guide (desktop).

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