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Spring into Wellness 2023

With Recommendations by Psychic Medium Isabelle Ram Spring is here! The days are getting longer, and the warmer weather is making all of us feel better after such a dreary winter. For this season’s wellness horoscopes, I have chosen a keyword from an Oracle Card for each sign. Take the time to reflect on this […]

February – the Month of Loving Wellness!

By Isabelle Ram Water Signs – Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre Water signs deeply feel their emotions and have big feelings when it comes to love and romance. Scorpio seeks to be hypnotized, entranced or to chase the thrill of something. They put art and pleasure above all else. If you want to […]

Winter Wellness Getaways for 2023

By Isabelle Ram Aries The ruling body part for your sign is the head. This winter pay attention to any mental stress, tension and overwhelming thoughts that result in headaches. Over the winter, you should take it easy, minimize on social interactions or unhealthy distractions that cause you to feel over-stimulated and bombarded by outward […]

Autumn 2022 Wellness Travel Forecast

By Isabelle Ram Aries Your ruling planet Mars entered Gemini on August 20th. No doubt, the summer months were a flurry of activity for you, especially regarding your career, personal goals, and communications. There has been a period of meeting certain deadlines, getting organized and ready to start or birth something new. In September, whatever […]