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Cariboo, Chilcotin & Coast

including Bella Coola, Nimpo Lake, Williams Lake, Quesnel, 100 Mile House & Lillooet

With the highest concentration of rolling hills, rivers and lakes in Canada, is it any wonder the Cariboo, Chilcotin & Coast region is known as the “Land Without Limits”? Several remote retreats offer speciality yoga, fitness and healing escapes along with nutritional programs all designed to keep mind, body and spirit in balance. Explore vast networks of stunning scenic biking, hiking and walking trails or enjoy a winter ‘health’ escape on snowshoes or cross-country skis. Wellness retreats are getting more popular as a global travel trend, and it’s easy to see why.

From rare grasslands, pine and aspen forests, to tranquil lakes and granite walled river gorges, the Cariboo’s distinctive landscape and unique flora and fauna is as diverse as its mix of recreational and cultural attractions. New adventures and inspiring locations allow wellness travellers to create awesome memories – and learn a few new healthy habits along the way.

The communities of this region are unique in character and in culture; small towns often make the best enriched holiday experience. The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region is calling!

Bella Coola

There is so much to experience in the Bella Coola Valley – it really comes down to your mood. Think of the Bella Coola Valley as a vast, wilderness viewing stage. Lush meadows, dense forests, high mountain ranges, and schools of spawning salmon or silvery trout in pristine rivers and creeks. Think of Bella Coola as your escape to a natural paradise to soothe your spirits. Marvel at the night skies without the intrusion of noise or light pollution – this is Bella Coola.

Walk to waterfalls, view an ancient volcano, hike endlessly, enjoy the natural rhythms that surround you – bald eagle flights, grizzly bears, mountain goats on rocky bluffs, deer sightings, wolves howling across moonlit fields… this is how to truly unwind!

Bella Coola offers a variety of health and wellness vacation experiences and adventure retreats – all with a balance of the great outdoors and exploration, relaxation, accommodations and healthy eating.

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Nimpo Lake

The natural setting of Nimpo Lake brings you closer to the wilderness – surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges, ice fields, alpine meadows, and acres of pine forests filled with wildlife. This outdoor experience highlights the Chilcotin’s cozy country atmosphere. Discover a beautiful area to enhance your well-being journey.

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Williams Lake

Welcome to the land of cowboys, miners and miles of beautiful untouched nature. Williams Lake is the destination spot for the true adventure wellness seeker. With a plentiful selection of activities such as fishing any of the 4,500 lakes, hiking to a mountain top, skiing downhill or cross-country, snowmobiling through untouched powder and canoeing or kayaking one of the canoe circuits, it’s no wonder why Williams Lake will contribute to your discovery of a healthier lifestyle, deep connection with nature and true joy.

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Quesnel is where you can turn off, disconnect with today’s hectic lifestyle so you can reconnect with yourself. The community is active, green-friendly, connected and they love to share the many hiking trails, canoe circuits, rivers, lakes and streams and forests. Quaint and scenic. Inspiring and relaxing for your spirit and soul.

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100 Mile House

People often ask, “How did 100 Mile get its unique name?” As the Gold Rush subsided in the late 1800s, ranchers began to settle the surrounding area – which is 100 miles from Lillooet.

Gratitude for the undulating landscape of valleys and hills, and the mighty Fraser River which cuts through the middle of this rolling plateau dividing the Cariboo from the wilds of the Chilcotin, wellness seekers will find their joy riding horseback or hiking well carved trails while filling their souls with the quiet and beauty found here.

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A rugged landscape of steep mountainous terrain invites mountain biking, hiking and boating from Spring to Fall, while Winter invites a different style of outdoor wellness vacations. With unprecedented ice climbing, heli-skiing and snowmobiling, the fresh outdoors in Lillooet envelopes wellness seekers with mindfulness and whole body experiences.

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