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Northern BC

including Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Smithers, Prince George & Fort Nelson

The North is calling…. Connect with your spirit in this land of mountains, forests, rivers and coastlines so vast, wild and remote. Discover what has been practiced here for millenia: respect for the land, respect for the people. The north’s Indigenous people’s spirit and way of life align. Embrace the majestic lava beds, the natural hot springs, the rivers, the ocean and the wildlife. This destination is wellness based in lifestyle, culture and experiences.

Haida Gwaii

Formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, this gorgeous archipelago is off of British Columbia’s West Coast. Comprised of two large islands (Moresby and Graham) and many smaller islands, Haida Gwaii offers deeply Indigenous cultural vacations. Connecting with nature at all points, on land and sea, it is here you will connect with spirit.

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Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is where you will feast on naturally clean food. It’s fresh and coastal, prepared just as you would expect from a waterfront city. Rustic yet beautiful floating lodges begging for a sun salutation, funky bed and breakfast homes gesturing to a good book and restful sleep – the choice is yours.

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Quite simply, from the raging rivers to the highest peaks, there is a different type of wellness here. Unplug to enjoy the gentle pace of the community while at a gallery, or fill your mind, body and spirit with rejuvenation as you test your limits in this vast outdoors.

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With a tourism tag line of ‘get good natured’ is it any wonder Smithers is such a special place to escape for a different kind of wellness vacation? Reboot, and refresh at outdoor markets featuring amazing local produce and baked goods. Shop charming boutiques where the locals are the friendliest people who only want you to chill and enjoy this very cool town.

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Prince George

One might wonder how motorcycles and wellness go together, yet here in Prince George, it’s all about the ride. With jaw-dropping scenery around every curve, forest scented air filling your senses with peace and a joy of simply being out and one with nature. No noise except the gentle hum of your engine cruising along Route 16.

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Fort Nelson

A warm, friendly community that is richly blessed with spectacular scenery in a year-round playground of the North.

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