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Wellness Travel by Astrological Sign

Spring into Wellness 2023

With Recommendations by Psychic Medium Isabelle Ram Spring is here! The days are getting longer, and the warmer weather is making all of us feel better after such a dreary winter. For this season’s wellness horoscopes, I have chosen a keyword from an Oracle Card for each sign. Take the time to reflect on this […]

February – the Month of Loving Wellness!

By Isabelle Ram Water Signs – Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre Water signs deeply feel their emotions and have big feelings when it comes to love and romance. Scorpio seeks to be hypnotized, entranced or to chase the thrill of something. They put art and pleasure above all else. If you want to […]

Winter Wellness Getaways for 2023

By Isabelle Ram Aries The ruling body part for your sign is the head. This winter pay attention to any mental stress, tension and overwhelming thoughts that result in headaches. Over the winter, you should take it easy, minimize on social interactions or unhealthy distractions that cause you to feel over-stimulated and bombarded by outward […]

Autumn 2022 Wellness Travel Forecast

By Isabelle Ram Aries Your ruling planet Mars entered Gemini on August 20th. No doubt, the summer months were a flurry of activity for you, especially regarding your career, personal goals, and communications. There has been a period of meeting certain deadlines, getting organized and ready to start or birth something new. In September, whatever […]

Which Type of Wellness Getaway is Best for You?

Have you ever wondered what type of getaway appeals to you and why not your partner? Or why you are most happy when immersed in nature yet your bestie is wild about adventure and always away on holidays? We’ve discovered it just might have something to do with our astrological sign. Join us each season as Wellness Travel BC’s resident Psychic Medium, Isabelle Ram, explains which type of wellness getaway is best for you and the sign you were born under.


This fire sign is ruled by the planet Mars. You are known for your high energy, stamina and endurance. You are always up for a challenge, reaching personal goals and having a sense of accomplishment is important for you. Any activities that have a physically competitive and adrenaline-inducing component are recommended. This includes high-performance exercise, kayaking, running marathons, hiking or climbing a mountaintop, hot yoga and swimming brisk laps in a pool to cool down after.


This earth sign is ruled by the planet Venus. You are known for your sensual, earthy and humble nature. You do however like to indulge and treat yourself from time to time. Comfort, luxury and enjoying life’s simple pleasures are all necessary for your well being. Since your sign correlates to the five senses, you benefit from lively atmospheres with music and fine dining, but you also need the balance of quiet and peaceful times too. Spa treatments are advised, body wraps, exfoliation, and anything that offers pampering for the mind, body and soul.


This air sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. You are known for your quick mind, impulsive and adaptable, go with the flow and carefree nature. You are not the type to plan out every detail in advance. In fact, you like to leave room for surprises and spontaneity. For you it isn’t just about reaching the destination but the adventure of the journey. No itinerary is needed! You love to be in the midst of busy environments such as a thriving metropolis, restaurants or bars surrounded by people, art museums or visiting popular tourist destinations.


This water sign is ruled by the Moon. You are known as a caring and giving person to those you love, as a result it is important for you to recharge yourself often to prevent emotional overwhelm or draining of your energy. Activities that allow you to detach from the demands of life are important. Cancers love being by the water, in quiet places where there aren’t too many people or noises. Stargazing, looking at the moon or catching the Northern Lights can bring much relaxation to you. Visiting large bodies of water such as oceans, beaches, lakes and even spending time at the pool are also recommended.


This fire sign is ruled by the Sun. You are known for your larger than life ideas, unique talents and expressive nature. You love to learn new skills that revolve around performance or being in the spotlight in some way. Your sign dislikes routine, boredom and stagnant energy. It is important for you to seek out experiences that are unforgettable and leave an impact on you in some way. Visiting a theatre, watching a play or Opera, Salsa dancing, live music and environments that are flourishing with life are recommended.


This earth sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. You are known for your artistic gifts or talents, green thumb and connection to the earth. You thrive from routine and hard work but also need time to fill your cup and recharge with simple pleasures. You need peace and tranquility, but don’t like to be alone all the time. You prefer group activities such as sightseeing, visiting museums, learning about arts and culture. Activities that provide physical exertion in a gentle way such as hiking, kayaking, yoga, dance and swimming are suitable for your sign.


This air sign is ruled by the planet Venus. You are known for your social, interactive and dynamic personality. You love people and being surrounded by many different kinds of relationships from the personal, to creative and business. You strive for balance in your life and always practice moderation in any regard. Your sign is very empathetic and you often lead with your heart. Libra’s don’t like to switch up their daily routine for too long, so day-trips to a hiking trail or hot springs are recommended, as well as visiting a museum or learning about culture or arts.


This water sign is ruled by the planet Mars. You are known for your eclectic, artistic and seductive personality and charm. You need experiences that are intense, higher than on-par, and deeply influential. You are the type to talk about a particular event or experience weeks, months and even years after it actually happens. For this reason, you are advised to do something out of the ordinary and something that will be memorable for you. Treat yourself and a loved one to a romantic get-away with the indulgence of exquisite foods and experiences.


This fire sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter. You are known for your open mind, need to travel and outside the box personality. You love to learn new things or deepen your knowledge in regards to topics that you are already passionate about. You are always dissecting your experiences to gain the value that comes from them. Any activities that help broaden your horizons, viewpoints and shift your perspective are recommended. This includes traveling to other countries, visiting the Wonders of The World, art, libraries and history museums.


This earth sign is ruled by the planet Saturn. You are known for your hard work, commitment and discipline. You aren’t the type to leave your work, career or life’s demands behind for too long. You need a structured itinerary with a busy and full day that is worth relaxing about later. For your sign, physical exercise and outlets are important, but you also benefit from thought-provoking places that you can have discussions and debates about, such as visiting a history or war museum.


This air sign is ruled by the planet Uranus. You are known for your brainy, innovative and independent personality. You are often drawn towards new technologies, up and coming businesses or environments. You aren’t interested in history or the old structures of our world and would rather be in new, thriving and inclusive spaces. You seek out experiences that are all about enlightening your mind and broadening your connection to humanity. Visiting popular tourist destinations, restaurants, bars, concerts and sports events are recommended.


This water sign is ruled by the planet Neptune. You are known for your creativity, imagination and empathy. You tend to see things that others miss, as you have a deep emotional awareness for your environment or people around you. You seek out experiences that revolve around relationships, intimacy, romance and depth. When traveling, you benefit from nurturing and pampering at a spa, but also enjoy catching a movie, having dinner and drinks with your loved ones, or being on the sea or taking long road trips.

About Isabelle Ram

Isabelle is a Certified Psychic with 15 years of experience. She is available for in-person readings at The Oracle in Sechelt located on one of British Columbia’s most popular wellness getaway locations, The Sunshine Coast. Isabelle is in the store every Monday and Tuesday. Please call (604) 885-2200 to book your appointment, walk-ins are always welcome. You can also find Isabelle on Instagram @belle_magick where she posts daily messages for the greater public. Online readings are available via email, phone and video call. Visit to learn more.