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Wellness Travel BC Podcast

A Podcast on Living & Travelling Well

Hi! I’m Cheryl MacKinnon, host of The Wellness Travel Show. Thanks for tuning in to our insider reviews on living and travelling well.

Think about it for a minute. Isn’t time away for romance, reconnecting with friends, or a holiday with the entire family (including Gram and Grandpa) actually about our overall wellness? And yes, we can also seek a wellness retreat, learning or resetting life skills to be the best version of ourselves.

Enjoy the shows; we’re all about sharing tips and tricks to be the best you at home and on the road. We feature a variety of wellness getaways, from mountain-top retreats to oceanfront luxury resorts. And some pretty cool urban hotels close to art galleries, music venues and gardens – because wellness is much more than a good yoga pose!

“Amazing at What You Do”

“Just heard the whole podcast. Great job on your part as host. So easy to speak with you. Clearly you are amazing at what you do.”

Walt Judas
CEO, Tourism Industry Association of BC 

“What a Great Listen”

“Cheryl, thank you so much. What a great Friday listen for me and all of our followers. A Friday gift.”

Alyssa Bauman

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Alyssa Bauman, Wellness Warrior & Holistic Registered Nutritionist

Fuel To Love Yourself

Ah, the month of love is here. So, let’s embrace February with all our hearts and focus on nurturing and being good to ouourselves. By doing so, we will be better able to care for those we love – our partners, our families, our friends and our colleagues.

My guest this week is respected health coach and ‘wellness warrior’ Alyssa Bauman of Nourished by Alyssa. A former food and travel writer who hails from New York City and now lives in Vancouver, on the west coast of British Columbia in Canada, Alyssa epitomizes the west coast lifestyle, famous for its health and overall well-being.

To help us get on track with our health and wellness, Alyssa shares her top tips and tricks to eat well while not feeling deprived which is inspiring And if you’re keen to learn more, or work directly with Alyssa, listen in as we cover everything from being sober-curious and its immediate health benefits to game-changing attitude tweaks that you’ll feel within days

Always a joy to catch up with Alyssa; drop us a line at and let us know what you think – thanks for joining us.

For more information, or to work one on one with Alyssa, please visit her website at Be sure to sign up for her newsletter too.

Alyssa Bauman, Wellness Warrior & Holistic Registered Nutritionist

How to Be Well While Celebrating the Holiday Season!

Office parties, client appreciation over lunch and dinners, kids parties and Christmas plays – it’s the busiest time of the year and the easiest time to derail from a healthy lifestyle. So what’s a person to do? Listen in as our special guest, Alyssa Bauman, Wellness Warrior and Registered Holistic Nutritionist shares a few easy tips to keep us in our wellness groove.

Alyssa knows her stuff from years ‘holding the keys’ to New York City’s finest, in hospitality, food and entertainment. Now living in British Columbia, Alyssa explains her best proven ideas of how to save time cooking during the week, to how to navigate the social scene that is upon us in December each year – and have fun doing it. Yes, it involves staying hydrated with water, yet it’s so easy to do you are guaranteed to feel better the next day!

A busy mom of three daughters, this inspiring woman knows of what she teaches, thanks to first-hand experience implementing the very tips she shares with us.

Armed with a great sense of humour, and academic credentials, Alyssa helps women, men, families and everyone in between navigate a work / life balance that is healthy and uplifting, especially during the annual holiday season.

For more information, or to work one on one with Alyssa, please visit her website at Be sure to sign up for her newsletter too.

Leading with Wellness at Oak Bay Beach Hotel with Madone Pelan

Such a pleasure to have this conversation about wellness and hospitality with Madone Pelan, General Manager of the exquisite Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia.

During our time together, Madone shares the history of this waterfront gem, highlighting its Indigenous cultural roots with Coast Salish Songhees, to its modest beginning in 1927 as a small seaside Inn. The hotel’s most recent incarnation saw a complete renovation from top to bottom, re-opening in 2012 to much fanfare and excitement as the emphasis was placed on what was then only a nascent trend – wellness travel.

Today, under the leadership of Madone, along with her fine team of talented hotel executives, Oak Bay Beach Hotel delivers exceptional, award-winning programs and guest services. Of particular note is the hotel’s distinguished waterfront spa and healing mineral pools, with adjacent beaches perfect for year-round cold water plunging in the Salish Sea!

Sleep, Like a Baby with Catherine Roscoe Barr

What do we all crave yet have so much trouble getting enough of it? Sleep. Yes, it’s right up there with moving our bodies, every single day! Listen to my conversation with one of our favourite guests, Catherine Roscoe Barr of The Life Delicious, as she shares effective and really easy to implement, recommendations to catch up on your ZZZZZ’s.

Together, we also share our respective difficulties with sleepless nights and how to give up FOMO when you’re travelling. Especially when you’re that person who leaves conference evening events because you can’t keep your eyes open and yet…what if you miss something? There’s laughter and great information in this uplifting episode.

Learn more about Catherine and her wellness coaching and workshops at The Life Delicious. And if you’d like to see Catherine in person, she will be giving workshops at our wellness travel partner Fairmont Chateau Whistler’s IGNITE Wellness Retreat taking place November 3-5, 2024 and with our wellness travel partner in Victoria, at The Oak Bay Beach Hotel’s four-day wellness retreat January 25-29, 2024.

Kickstart a Delicious Life with Catherine Roscoe Barr

The Life Delicious Founder, Catherine Roscoe Barr, knows what she coaches as she holds a deep-rooted desire, complemented by education and life experiences that emerged following a neuroscience degree, to pursue fulfilling work to promote health instead of treating diseases. She lives with authenticity and is so incredibly honest in her presentations.

Catherine is on a mission to help women and men (there were a few in the wellness retreat she led at Oak Bay Beach Hotel in January, and they loved the workshops!) lead a life filled with juicy moments of joy and happiness. She shares, be sure to start small. Be kind to yourself. And know that we all have days where we don’t do what we should or could, yet who can’t find six minutes to get the wiggles out, stretch and get our heart rates up?

Head over to Wellness Travel BC to learn more about Catherine’s Women’s Leadership Coaching Circle, and if there’s still space, confirm your attendance at her annual Wellness Retreat in Victoria, BC. It is a fabulous wellness experience, both with Catherine and the very special venue that is Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

Learn more about Catherine and her wellness coaching and workshops at The Life Delicious.

Women & Wellness with Nutricuetical Expert, Dionne Walach

Finally in the year, 2023, women’s reproductive health is no longer ‘in the closet’.

Kicking off the conversation around women, travel, and our sense of well-being, this week we talk about women’s health at all ages. From menstruation to menopause and how the myriad of symptoms are whispered over lunch, at happy hour over too much wine, yet rarely between a woman and her male spouse / partner. Plus, as the lack of public conversations has gone on for several decades now, it is time to address all of it.

Join me as I welcome Dionne Walach to help us understand what’s happening in the public realm of women’s reproductive health care. Dionne is a vocal women’s health advocate, with a strong background in joint health, specifically arthritis.

Being a feminist and happily married has opened her eyes as to how not just women, but men as well, are affected by women’s health issues. Some of Dionne’s observations include a more holistic, nutraceutical view of her own health care that delivers great results, and why she highly recommends women seek out female MDs to help us take care of your health.

For more information on the products Dionne and I discuss please see Wellness Lifestyle Product Line is Clean & Green! and click on the link for your country. We are very proud and excited to be showcasing this product lineup to our followers.