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Wellness Travel BC Podcast

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Wellness Travel BC Show with Dionne Walach

Finally in the year, 2023, women’s reproductive health is no longer ‘in the closet’.

Kicking off the conversation around women, travel, and our sense of well-being, this week we talk about women’s health at all ages. From menstruation to menopause and how the myriad of symptoms are whispered over lunch, at happy hour over too much wine, yet rarely between a woman and her male spouse / partner. Plus, as the lack of public conversations has gone on for several decades now, it is time to address all of it.

Join me as I welcome Dionne Walach to help us understand what’s happening in the public realm of women’s reproductive health care. Dionne is a vocal women’s health advocate, with a strong background in joint health, specifically arthritis.

Being a feminist and happily married has opened her eyes as to how not just women, but men as well, are affected by women’s health issues. Some of Dionne’s observations include a more holistic, nutraceutical view of her own health care that delivers great results, and why she highly recommends women seek out female MDs to help us take care of your health.

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