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Sustainable & Respectful Family Wellness on the Road

By Cheryl MacKinnon

Buzz words in travel and hospitality for decades, yet with each new generation, there is a remarkable opportunity to teach our children how to travel well , sustainably and most especially, with respect for the travel destination visited and its community. And if you’re worried that as a new parent, you will not be able to travel again because of kids in tow, this book is definitely written for you!

I recently reviewed this fabulous ‘travel guide’ for families by Dr. Rachel Dodds and Dr. Richard Butler and I highly recommend it as a gift to new parents. An easy read chock full of valuable information any parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle will need when travelling with children, Are We There Yet? is going in the stockings of my grown children to help as they navigate travels with our grandchildren.

From how to pack with toddlers – engage them as even a two year old likes to put things in their suitcase, to engaging tweens and teenagers with trip research and booking accommodations, the book’s recommendations make sense. There are sustainable choices for before, during and after your trip, many of which can be implemented at home too. If your kids are out of the nest, there is general information that applies across the generations. Plus, you’ll feel a smile cross your face as you read some of the tales from the road. I sure did as memories flooded back to the days of travelling with my daughter. To this day, she loves to travel and does so responsibly with her hubby.

The book is available on Amazon as well as in-store at Kidsbooks in Vancouver and North Vancouver, BC. If you would like a copy or would like to discuss wholesale rates to offer the book to your guests, please contact Dr. Dodds for more information at